Why Oregon?

Oregon is a popular destination for real estate investors due to its growing economy, beautiful landscapes, and diverse communities. With cities like Portland experiencing rapid growth and development, there are plenty of opportunities for investors to capitalize on the booming real estate market in the state.


Portland is one of the most popular cities in Oregon for real estate investment. The city has a strong economy, a thriving arts and culture scene, and a high quality of life. With a growing population and increasing demand for housing, investing in Portland real estate can be a lucrative venture. From trendy neighborhoods like the Pearl District to up-and-coming areas like Alberta Arts, there are plenty of opportunities for investors to find properties with high potential for appreciation.

Top Neighborhoods in Portland:

  • Pearl District
  • Alberta Arts
  • Hawthorne
  • Lloyd District


Located in Central Oregon, Bend is another hot spot for real estate investment. Known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, craft breweries, and vibrant downtown, Bend attracts both tourists and new residents looking to enjoy the city’s amenities. Investing in Bend real estate can be a smart choice, especially in neighborhoods close to the Deschutes River or near popular hiking trails like Pilot Butte.

Top Neighborhoods in Bend:

  • Old Bend
  • Northwest Crossing
  • Tumalo
  • Deschutes River


Home to the University of Oregon, Eugene is a college town with a strong rental market and a diverse community. Real estate investors in Eugene can take advantage of the student population by investing in rental properties near campus or in popular student neighborhoods. With a growing tech industry and a focus on sustainability, Eugene offers plenty of opportunities for investors looking to diversify their real estate portfolios.

Top Neighborhoods in Eugene:

  • South University
  • Friendly Street
  • Whiteaker
  • Harlow

Overall, Oregon offers a wide range of opportunities for real estate investors looking to capitalize on the state’s strong economy and growing population. Whether you’re interested in investing in a bustling city like Portland, a outdoor recreation destination like Bend, or a college town like Eugene, there are plenty of options to consider in the Oregon real estate market.

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